Who are we?

Delusional was formed towards the end of Legion by ex-hardcore raiders
from Ravencrest and Tarren Mill. We wanted to create a guild where
our raiders could thrive, without being held to extensive raiding schedules.

We come from a variety of different countries and backgrounds, and have
experience in playing numerous games at a competitive level. In essence
what drives us is simple: a competitive spirit and a lust for progression.

What do we expect?

If you're thinking of joining Delusional, you'll need to know what we expect from our players.
We don't like to have too many rules, however we do have some core values we want to uphold.

  • Performance

    We want our players to always strive for improvement, regardless of performance. We expect everyone in Delusional to put in the effort required to keep their position here.

  • Maturity

    We work hard to achieve our goals and maintain the atmosphere we like to play in. We don't tolerate needless drama or whining. Show respect to your guildmates.

  • Dedication

    We want players that will stick with us through thick and thin. Our goal is for Delusional to become a stable and effective guild, clearing all mythic content, tier after tier.

  • Communication

    It is important for progress that you can communicate clearly and effectively in English. We are an international guild, however we speak English during raids.


Please click the Apply button and complete our application form in as much detail as possible.